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Why Your Back Hurts When Bending Over

Most people want to know Why their Back Hurts When Bending Over. If you feel your lower back hurt when bending over, lifting things off the ground, it's a sign your core muscles are not working. If your core muscles aren't working, your lower back will have to compensate with the lower back muscles, which will be overwhelmed because there is no help for the core! In this video, I will show you a nice tip on how to activate your core muscles, so your back muscles aren't hurting when bending over. If you find yourself in pain after this video and can't activate your core, there's inflammation in the intestines. You might have food intolerance which causes inflammation which causes a bloated belly which causes your core muscles to turn off... this leads to your lower back having to do all of the work.

In this video, I walk you through How To Get Rid Of The Back Pain when bending over, click the link below to watch


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