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Client Testimonials


"I am a senior baseball player at a local high school and have been going to Nate for over a year now. When I got there I was 150 lbs but wanted to get up to 170 lbs to help with recruitment for college baseball. Within 2 months, with the help of Nate, I reached my goal and then some. Not only does Nate train your body to make sure that it is functioning cohesively and properly but he trains your mind and soul to realize that if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything. I am now going to college to play baseball largely because of the time and effort that Nate allocated to me. He ensured that I had the proper physique and mindset to reach my goals and I consider him to be like an older brother to me. All in all a perfect 5 star gym and trainer."

Kobe Mentor


“As an Actor it’s very important for me to stay in shape all year around. However, for a very long time I struggled with working out, diet, and being consistent. Once I started training with Nate, things have changed drastically (for the better of course). Not only have I felt and looked better, but due to his knowledge that expands beyond just fitness, he has helped me attract everything I’ve set my mind too and I no longer struggle with what I used too. Within a few months of consistent training with him I have booked a TV show, Feature Film and a Short Film! *bonus, he is a natural gifted speaker, and motivates you with words!”

Haskiri Velazquez


Nate has been amazing for me, he is extremely nice and helpful. Nate Ortiz has been amazing to me and my family. He has spent countless hours working with my brother and I and it has shown. We are definitely stronger and more athletic, but I especially have learned a lot from Nate. He helped me get through difficult times when he did not even know. And best of all, he is not a trainer who does not pay attention and just wants money. He cares about you and becomes friends with you. Nate's main goal is to help, and he certainly was successful with me. I cannot express my thankfulness from him and highly recommend him to all.

Timothy Anderson


Nate is truly amazing. He is incredibly inspirational and motivates me to give my all in every session, even at the crack of dawn! He is a true lifelong student of fitness, conditioning, training and how the body holistically works. He is always advancing his skills and knowledge of the field, and particularly researches techniques, exercises, and training philosophies that are customized for me as an avid tennis player. I've been playing for 20 years, but my game took a marked improvement since I began working with Nate. I am 100% sure that Nate will be famous some day. No joke. I feel so lucky to have him as my trainer.

David Wenstrup


I have been working with Nate for the past several months. He is an absolutely amazing trainer! He has been such an asset in helping me get back into shape following my third (!) baby. He truly understands how the body works and was able to cater my workouts to target all my trouble zones. He takes his job very seriously and treats each client with the utmost respect and focus. He gave me such an education on not only exercise but on how diet is a crucial part of health. I learned so much and saw great results. I cannot recommend him enough!!

Katie O'Donoghue


I always enjoy coming to work out with Nate. The experience is great and I’m always excited to go. Nate is very energetic and fun to work out with. He has also been very accommodating with my schedule. Not only has he helped me with my workouts but also with my nutrition. Whenever I have a question is, Nate is eager to educate me and help. He was very intuitive and helpful with some specific dietary issues I was having that made a huge difference for me working out. I would definitely recommend Nate.

Ben Wechsler


Nate is nothing but incredible. He literally changed my life by helping me drop 40lbs in 4 months. His focus on both nutrition and movement created an excellent experience that helped me to better understand how my body works. I can not recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Nate!

John O'Donoghue


Nate is more than just a personal trainer....he is a life coach and mentor!  From a personal training level, he has helped me accomplish my goals.  I was quite thin, wanted to build muscle and feel stronger overall.  Nate set up a strength training program tailored for my needs and each week that I trained, I saw a difference in my body.  Each session is more than just physical training.  He is genuinely interested in people and gives me advice on strengthening other areas of my life, in an effort to help me grow as a person.  There have been times where our sessions last longer which is a testament to how much he cares.  Nate has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share!  I’d recommend him to anyone.

Melissa Somar

Positive Mindset

Michele G, Yoga instructor

"I love how Nate brings a positive outlook to every session!"

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