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About Nate Ortiz

"I'm all about helping others become a BETTER version of themselves.


Nate has earned his Bachelors Degree in Movement Science Strength and Conditioning from Delaware State University. Now he is the proud owner and founder of DreamFit.

  • Played for Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Bob Hurley 

  • Became the 1st in his High school History to go Division 1 in Football

  • NASM Personal Training Certification 

  • NASM Nutrition Certification 

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • CPR/AED Certified

  • Professional Motivational Speaker 

  • Lost over 100lbs since 2016 due to a back injury (click here for before & afters!) 

  • Recognized as one of the top trainers in the Tri-State area

  • Has helped hundreds of clients get in shape in person and online with his personalized programs

  • Nike Trainer

  • Lululemon Affiliate and Ambassador

Meet the 4 Versions of Nate Ortiz

Raising the Bar


The Trainer

Nate is a profound trainer. With a NASM certification and a college bachelor degree in Movement Science Strength and Conditioning, Nate has the right tools, knowledge and personal experience to help any client that comes his way.

Nate is very passionate about self development. He believes training is ONE of 4 layers of becoming the strongest version of yourself.


The Health & Nutrition Coach

Nate struggled with weight problems his ENTIRE life– he was known as the “fat kid". In 2016 he suffered a spine injury which disabled him from any physical activity. This lead him to becoming overweight and depressed, to make matters worse this all happened three months before his college graduation... Nate went on to graduate college, he was 295lbs at the time with a lot of health issues (Celiac Disease, ADHD, Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver disease & much more)

He knew he needed to figure out the ROOT cause of his problems. Not only did he want to find out the root causes but he wanted to MASTER them making sure he understood the ins and outs of how he got there and what it took to avoid it from happening again. After tons of research he realized it all came down to DIET: he fixed his weight situation and along the way learned the illnesses he was experiencing were reactions to the food he was consuming. 
Nate informs ALL of his clients on the value of Nutrition which is the second layer of becoming the strongest version of yourself.


The Motivator

Growing up Nate was homeless, with parents who were a drug dealer and the other a drug addict. Although he grew up in an unfortunate position he always had a vision that kept him focus on his future. He dreamed of making it out the “ghetto” one day and motivating others around the world who have struggles of their own. He became the first high school graduate ever in his family. He later went on to attend college on a full Division One football scholarship. He graduated with a Movement Science Strength and Conditioning Degree. 

Now, Nate gets booked to speak at businesses, schools, programs, and events to share his story and inspire others to be the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES.
He understood what helped him the most in his journey significantly: developing a solid mindset. With hard work, discipline, imagination, learning from failures, and NEVER GIVING UP trained him to succeed. This is the third layer of becoming the strongest version of yourself. 


The Athlete

For Nate there weren’t many roads to escape the “ghetto” or conflicts he dealt with growing up. When he first started to play basketball as a kid, he saw it as an opportunity to breakout of the position he was in.
He established the skills it took in order to become the best basketball players in his city. Using his psychological strength, it granted him an edge on competition. He earned a full scholarship to play for the #1 Basketball program in the country  “St. Anthony High School” playing for Hall of Fame coach Bob Hurley Sr. 

In 2010 the High school started its first football program. Coach Hurley saw so much potential in him as an athlete and told him he would be an excellent fit for the team – so, he gave it a shot (keep in mind he never played football before). He then became the first football player in the schools history to go Division 1. He went to Delaware State University and became the first Tight End to score a touchdown in 20 years. Being an athlete taught him core values.
In his own words "There’s always room for improvement, I continue to use those life lessons till this day. In order to become the BEST YOU, you must continue to GROW! Working towards goals, you must have core values, good health, and a strong mindset. This is the last layer of strength, which is LIFE MASTERY."

Hall Of Fame basketball coach Bob Hurley talks about Nate Ortiz

Growing up homeless, Nate had to find a way out of Jersey City. He developed the skill and passion for basketball to play for the best high school basketball coach of all time. Listen to the video above to hear what Bob Hurley has to say about Nate Ortiz.

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