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Is getting fit during a pandemic impossible?

After week one, Ericka lost 2 pounds! But everything changed in week 2. Ericka had things that she couldn't control Covid restrictions that shut her gym down in her building. She lost all of her motivation and gained a pound. I had to coach Ericka on how to get through this slump ( you can tune into the coaching interview here).

On top of that, she's dealing with social media pressure. How many of us deal with social media pressure? We can fall into the habit of always comparing ourselves to others, bringing our self-esteem down. Ericka goes into great detail with this in our interview. Here's a summary of week two of dieting with Ericka.

Week 2: Getting fit during a Pandemic

Coming off my motivational first week, I'm feeling great. Nate has provided me with some well-needed confidence in the gym. I never actually knew how to work in the gym, which machines to use, how to use the device ad the best way to use them. Once I learned a few workout routines in the gym, I felt unstoppable, and gym time has become my time. Unfortunately, halfway through this week, my gym was closed due to COVID 19.

This pandemic is lasting way longer than I expected. It's even more depressing because I recently discovered the Peloton, and now I can't even use it. I worked out once this week in the gym and then pondered wtf am I going to do at home?! I'm not going to lie. This has thrown a massive curveball in my fitness dreams. On Wednesday, I completed an at-home workout to the best of my ability.

I have limited resources at home - a yoga mat, a 5-pound kettlebell, and glute bands. For some reason, when I worked out Wednesday and Friday, I just felt like I wasn't getting the same intensity as before, and also not leaving the house seems to be impacting me negatively. I'm not sure if it's the thought of going to the gym or maybe just because it is a public place. I seem to go much harder there. Feeling a bit bummed but still trying my best, I completed the week and ended on Friday, weighing 185 pounds. So, I gained a pound, and it's very discouraging. Although I know it could be muscle mass or something like that, it still doesn't feel like the same progress I was getting before.


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