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What ages do you train?

Although I believe fitness can be for anyone who's interested, at the moment I am only taking on clients ages 16+.

Do you provide refunds?

YES! see, I believe people should receive their refund if they're not happy with their services. 

Do you have gift cards for purchase?

Currently, we do not have gift cards for purchase. However, you can purchase a package deal for your family/friend and provide their contact info. I will personally reach out to them to get them started. 
P.s. That is very kind of you to do! 

Do you make house calls?

YES! If your building has a Gym and allows you to bring me in as your Trainer, we can work around with times that'll best fit your schedule.

Do you charge extra for Nutritional advise?

Yes, nutritional advise counts as a separate service.

More questions? Contact me here. I will get back to you within 24hrs. 

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