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Why you should quit sugar asap

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Yes, I know Sugar it's HARD to quit, every time you try, it always seems to call you back. One of the main reasons why it's hard is because its in everything. Studies have shown Sugar is in 80% of food in today's supermarket, so even if you try to stop junk food, the chances of you still consuming Sugar is high!

Your body gets immune to it, which makes your body addicted to Sugar, and this makes the reason why it's hard to quit. Imagine eating foods you thought were healthy all this time had Sugar in it, and your body has been paying the price for it!

Sugar releases a FEEL GOOD chemical in the brain called dopamine; this is the same chemical that is released when drug addicts consume drugs. The crazy part is that sugar releases 20xs more dopamine than cocaine. WOW!

Try to become more AWARE of what Sugar can do to the body instead of focusing on HOW GOOD IT TASTE. Processed Sugar is the main reason for most health issues we have today. 

Before you think about consuming processed Sugar, try these two steps.

Step#1- Think about how you feel right after you consume processed Sugar, be honest with yourself! Sometimes being addicted to something can leave us to be dishonest on having a problem in the first place! Now, if you are honest with yourself, you know Sugar will leave you sluggish and hungry!

Step#2- Understand Sugar DOES cause significant health issues, so when you're going back to the kitchen to grab more JUNK food, think about how you're increasing your chances of health issues which are:

 1-Sugar causes glucose levels to spike and drop

 2-Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

 3-Your immune function can be affected by Sugar.

 4-Sugar accelerates aging

 5-Sugar causes tooth decay.

 6-Sugar affects cognition in children.

 7-Sugar increases stress.

 8-Sugar takes the place of essential nutrients.

The more you educated yourself on how food has effects on the health of your body, the more desire you will have to quit. 

My goal in this post is to SPARK your awareness to take a step to decrease your sugar intake. Is it easy?! NOOOOO, but in the next couple of post, I will help you set up a game plan to overcome this issue!



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