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What to expect on the first 7 days of a new diet

Are you starting a diet and unsure what to expect? If you are, stay right here. Starting a diet along is not easy, especially if everyone around you is still eating Junk food. My goal With this post is to support you on your weight loss journey. I decided to take one of my clients (Ericka) and have her document everything she experienced on weight loss journey. Lets see what Ericka has experienced on her first week of dieting that will help you prepare for your first week!

Day 1: Taking back control

Day 1 was all about realizing there is only one thing you can 100% control in life -yourself. Starting something new can be challenging and challenging at times. Goals can seem like they are a ways away, but you have to take one day. Gradually pushing yourself into the best version of yourself. The first day is all about talking yourself into your goals, manifesting, creating a plan, and making small goals to get there. Right now, I'm excited about reaching my potential. My goals are to eat 50% protein, 50% veggies/ fruit, and very low carbs. Working out 3 times a week to lose 20 pounds. The start weight is today, on day 1 is 184. The weight ultimately is not my main focus. I would like to lean out and gain core strength and overall muscle strength as well.

Day 2: Diet control

Cravings can be hard to ignore. I am entering a low carb, high protein, and veggie diet. I often find it hard to eat 3 meals a day. Sometimes I only eat dinner and fast on coffee and water during the day. Not for any other reason than me not being hungry and eating a massive meal in the evening to make up for it. I am craving my favorites today, pizza, potatoes, chips, Chipotle, all things I love. Reminding myself of my goals and the discipline I need to get there is the only thing that can curb my cravings. One thing I have tried that works is fasting for 24 hours. It kills the cravings and resets my body, giving me a fresh start to a diet. I also think there are many good perks to fasting in small doses.

Day 3: Holidays

Today is Thanksgiving, and I want to eat! On Holidays and during the winter season, I think it's essential to keep a few things in mind- 1. It's okay to enjoy yourself! You can eat and drink on the Holidays and not feel bad about it if you keep up with your goals on regular days. 2. Don't overdo it- defiantly eat, drink and enjoy while being mindful of overindulging. This is a huge topic for me because overindulging is why I am on this journey, to begin with. I love to enjoy the best things in life, and on top of my list is food. I love food- more than the average person, I think.

Day 4: Working out

Why does working out feel like therapy? When I'm angry, throwing around some weights and busting a sweat feels so good. I've noticed working out is lowering my anxiety and assisting my mental health. For any person who feels negative thoughts, emotions, or anything like that, I highly recommend hitting the gym. It's a lot cheaper than getting a therapist, and it makes you look good. That's a win-win for me. I've been focusing on my workouts on mastering the moves with perfect form, taking my time, and using as much control as possible. On days I do not work out, I have been staying up and moving, walking my dog for an hour, or walking on the treadmill.

Day 5: Pushing through

I worked out pretty hard yesterday, and I am sore as hell. I forced myself to go for an hour's walk, and it felt good. Once you start getting into a habit of getting it done, it becomes your lifestyle, and I suspect it'll get more comfortable. I'll let you know when I'm at that point cause right now, I'm forcing it. Forcing it is not a bad thing. It's all about changing habits. Changing a pattern can literally hurt, and I keep finding myself hearing a little voice in the back of my head like, "come on, eat some pizza and be lazy today" – old habits trying to pull me back. They can be hard to shake. I find reviewing my goals in the morning when I get up instead of scrolling social media has been very helpful. I'd recommend it. Quieting that voice is not always easy, and we all slip up. What's important is remembering your goals and hopping right back into your new and improved habits.

Day 6: Healthy habits

Today I realize that this is already starting to become me, maybe only a little bit right now so early on. It's slowly beginning to feel like this is MY lifestyle. Avoiding certain foods and going to the gym will eventually become ME. I can't wait until that happens; I'll keep you posted. For now, I'm still secretly thinking about pizza and tacos while I'm eating my organic salad. I love cooking, and I haven't always. Finding ways to cook healthy yummy meals has been fun for me, and today, I made shrimp lettuce wraps that were so good! I'm one step closer to locking in these healthy habits; I can feel it.

Day 7: Maintaining motivation

Today I woke up, and I felt defeated, not that I lost anything or actually had been defeated - this was just a product of negative thinking patterns. The ultimate goal seems to be so far away, and I'm just chipping away at it slowly, day by day. This can feel endless, hopeless. I decided to try and aid my negative thinking by practicing some self-development, listening to an inspirational podcast. Be Great with Nate episode 5 is the motivation today, achieving goals- this episode talked about setting goals, following your heart, and understanding your purpose. After listening, I felt pumped. I wrote on my whiteboard my daily goals, including making time every day for mental self-development and improvement. Whether this is listening to a positive podcast, writing in my notebook, revisiting my daily, weekly, and ultimate goals, or even meditating. Reminding myself daily, I am worthy, I am optimistic, and I am working towards a goal that feeds my soul. Today's end weight after the first 7 days is 182. I lost 2 pounds! Although it may seem little, trust me, it is not. If I keep this up, I can achieve my goal of 20 pounds in 10 weeks or about 3 months. I am up for the challenge and ready to change.

Dieting on the first week is NEVER easy. It takes time, don't be so hard on yourself. The most important thing you can do is stay consistent! This will create a habit, which will lead to real results on your weight loss journey!


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