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The TRUTH about your Injury

Do you walk around with physical pain that just won't go away? Do you have Posture issues? Did you try physical therapy and weekly massages, but the pain is still there?

Here's the problem, the location of your pain MIGHT not be the root cause, to begin with. Here is an example:

I had got a phone call from one of my clients in Florida. He called me about his son, who had a shoulder injury.

His son is a potential Division one scholarship quarterback whose throwing arm is KILLING him. He is in extreme pain every time he throws.

His father told me they saw numerous doctors and specialists, but NOTHING worked.

The father asked me if there were anythings I could do...

I asked him, Did they check his HIPS?

What do the hips have to do with his shoulders, right? Great questions. I can show you over this email, ready?

Stand in front of a mirror, and take your right hip and HIKE it up... what happens? Your right shoulder drops. Why does this happen? Because the body has a chain reaction called the kinetic chain.

If you ever injured your ankle, knee, hip, or shoulder, you will affect the ENTIRE kinetic chain.

I told his father, I'm confident I can help. I also told him, If I had the opportunity to work with his son in person, I could help even MORE!

His father believed that HE FLEW HIS SON OUT THREE DAYS LATER TO LA!

Before I knew it, His son, Grant, was here in LA for a few days to work with me. It was time for me to put my money where my mouth is.


I knew I would help Grant, So I decided to get my assistant Joe to RECORD this whole process. You can watch the video below.

When you watch the video, you will see EVERY exercise we did to fix his hip imbalance.

If you feel like you have a similar posture issue, follow the same steps in the video, and you should see results.

I also have a Before and After photo of Grant, which is INSANE! I attached the before and afters below.

Grant had shoulder issues due to his hip imbalance. His right hip was hiked up, which affected his right shoulder to crunch down, which didn't allow Grant to get FULL rotation while throwing a ball... this created an INJURY.

While his SHOULDER was where the pain showed up, it wasn't the ROOT cause of his injury. His hips were.

I hope this email has bought some awareness to you today. If you have any questions, email me, and I can do my best to answer :)


IG✅- BeGreatWitNate

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