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Overcoming Food addiction with Love

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

 People who engage in addictive behaviors and go on to form a real addiction find that overcoming it is more challenging than expected. By the time they recognize the need for change, they may not even want to. It can take YEARS of being faced with the negative consequences of addiction before realizing that it is causing significant problems.

Making the Decision to Change 

But sooner or later, most people who have an addiction decide a change needs to happen. Although quitting a bad habit is the best path to wellness, reducing or eliminating the most harmful substance use is a significant improvement and will reduce the harm caused. Anyone who decides to quit overeating entirly is heading for an eating disorder. But stopping overeating and embracing a healthy diet is a healthy decision to change.

Love Wins

To make a long-lasting change is to find what YOUR willing to change and grow for. Think about what is the ONE thing you are willing to experience now. This

can be anything from being a better parent to having a dream of being the next America's top model. For lasting change, it is crucial to have a good motive, a dream worth experiencing and expressing.

"When you have a big enough dream, you don't need a crisis!"

--Jerry Wesch, Psychologist

How to change

Avoid thinking about what you don't have, this motivates old pathways and roots to your past and can make you turn back to your addiction. Instead, be grateful for what you do have! Understand the joy is in the journey, not the destination. Start becoming what you LOVE and inspire to be!

Choosing your Dream or Goal

It is essential to sit yourself down and think about what you REALLY want in life. What do you truly love? Understand if someone else on this planet is living the dream you desire, you can live yours! Make sure when you decide on your dream or goal, it is YOURS and not influenced by someone else's idea of you.

Some ideas to help you figure out your dream or goal

  • What makes you feel good?

  • What are you enthusiastic about?

  • What part of the world would you like to live? Do you prefer cold weather or hot?

  • How much money do you need to live your desired lifestyle?

Understanding the Subconscious mind

The Sub-conscious mind is the part of the mind and body that's on automation. Notice how your breathing and blinking without consciously telling yourself too, that's the subconscious mind. Your thoughts and habits work in the same way. If going into the kitchen and snacking on junk food is something you did for a while, it's going to be challenging quitting that in one day. What you must do is be VERY conscious when your about to grab that snack. You have to tell yourself, "no, I'm not going to snack on this right now." Being consistent with this over time will make this a HABIT and will become apart of your subconscious mind.

You got this

Take this new approach and try to focus on what you can do NOW. Don't focus on what you use to do or who you USE to be and focus on what you're becoming.


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