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Matt Koman- Working With Kobe, Being apart of Team USA, and The divine pleasure of pain

In today's podcast, we welcome our guest, Matt Koman. Matt has a fantastic Heros journey that he shared with us today! From an elite athlete in high school to a college athlete who played for three different colleges and switching sports. Along the way, Matt had made some mistakes that changed his direction in life that craved him to become the man he is today.

Matt became a coach during and after his athletic career. He found himself to be relatable to his athletes because of his remarkable journey. Matt learned all the mistakes and heartbreaks he had only built him up to master his life to become a coach to help direct his clients.

Matt shares his story of living in a neighborhood with no blacks and having his first friendship with an African American at age 18 years old. I found that so strange, being an African American, growing up in the number one globally diverse city, and never had any race issues.

Matt had the pleasure to work for and with Kobe Bryant. Matt worked at the Mamba Academy, where he was the director of the football program. Matt shares the Mamba Mentality at the program.

Today, Matt is an athlete for Team USA for Mens Hand Ball. He also is a Holistic lifestyle coach like myself, where we went to the Chek Institute. Matt now coaches clients using the Chek Institute foundation.

You can keep up with Matt on Instagram @Mattthewoodavisko

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