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Life is a game Learn how to Play

When you live your life with awareness, you can play this game called life. You will be acting from a place where you feel deeply rooted in your inner self; you will be centered and grounded in your reality. We learn the importance of a resume but not so much on your character. Coming from poverty, I wanted to know why!

I was observing what caused my friends and family to be poor. I decided to walk around the wealthy neighborhoods and wanted to see what they did differently. I noticed that the rich kids didn't spend money on Jordan's or gold chains. I wanted to know how they were able to buy a home. I learned the STEPS you must take to be wealthy and not poor.

I learned my family was very UNAWARE of these steps. I also realized most of my family and friends lacked the discipline to these steps, which lead them to be poor and STUCK in life. After learning these steps at a young age and applying them, I broke out of my family paradigm and became successful and far from being poor. I call this a game of life. Each step depends on the previous, and each step has to be mastered before going on to the next step. If you want to learn about the steps that you can take in your life to escape the trap, listen to this podcast!


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