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How to lose 15 Pounds in four weeks

After failing to lose weight in the past few years, Leo is finally dropping weight! When Leo and I first met in November 2020, she told me how she struggled with weight loss. Leo also had a baby about a year and a half ago. She told me ever since she had a baby, her body was never the same. I bought Leo through my questionnaire process to see what hormones and organs showed up stressed.

There was no doubt Leo's hormones were exhausted. The two main hormones that were causing Leo's issues were insulin and cortisol. Insulin and cortisol are the two hormones that will cause weight gain and insulin resistance. These two hormones go hand in hand. When one of them is high, the other automatically rises with it. This will cause people to be hungry and stressed all the time, which makes people overeat!

Leo had no energy to work out the first week, so our sessions contained more nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching. The first step I take with clients to change their lifestyle habits is figuring out their DREAM. If they don't have something worth changing for, they will go right back to their bad habits! I also made a nutrition plan for Leo. We eliminated all processed foods, started tracking her carbohydrate intake, and eliminated caffeine. The processed foods were spiking her Insulin levels, and caffeine affected the cortisol levels to be high.

After one week, Leo's energy returned. We started to do light exercises. I didn't want her body to be burned out. This can cause her cortisol levels to rise, affecting her blood sugar, leading her back to the same problems we had the week before. We trained twice a week, and Leo had to walk for 30 minutes twice a week independently. After four weeks, Leo is down 15 pounds!

I didn't kill her with HIIT workouts, running 5k every morning, Bootcamp training, or starving her. I put her on a plan that's going to get her hormones balanced! Leo now has more energy for work and her family. She also is happy that her mood is more stable! Leo will be back in one month to update you on her Weight loss journey!


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