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How a broken heart can disruption in your fitness routine

These past two weeks have been ROUGH for one of my clients. This person is going through his first broken heart. After eight weeks of training and losing 12 pounds, things came to a standstill.

He found out his girlfriend at the time was seeing another man... This caused him to miss workouts and over consume alcohol, which both disrupts his fitness routine.

As a certified Holistic Life Coach, it was my job to help him with his situation. I know having a broken heart is challenging ( I had two bad cases myself).

I decided to make a podcast/video to help YOU if you're going through something similar.

"How to deal with a bad breakup...The do's and don'ts."

If you are going through a bad breakup, it can be very challenging. The first thing people usually do after getting their heart broken is acting out of character and doing things like drinking and smoking with partying or trying to find a quick rebound. Operating out of character is a broken way of healing.

Learn how to Heal the RIGHT way by listening to the podcast.

Watch the podcast Video below


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