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Can bad digestion cause back pain?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

80% of Americans will experience some form of back pain during their lifetime, and it is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor. Did you know most back pain starts because of inflammation in your organs!

Your spine has nerve channels that go through every organ and the muscle closest to that organ. Here's an example. If someone has a heart attack most of the time, you will hear them complain about left chest pain, left jaw locking, or left should/arm pain. How's that possible if it's their heart? The organs in the human body don't have nerves of their own. They share the nerves with the muscle closest to it! So the left chest left jaw, and the left shoulder and left arm share the same nerve channel as the heart. 

Example of how the nerve channels connect

So how does inflammation cause back pain?

 If someone is eating food that they can't digest, they will cause inflammation in the intestines. The intestines share the same nerves as the core muscles which protect the spine. Since there's inflammation in the intestines, the spine nerves will signal "inflammation" to the core muscles too! This causes your core muscles to weaken, which creates an anterior pelvic tilt, hence BACK PAIN!

Since your core muscles aren't working, your lower back muscles have to compensate to protect the spine. You can stretch, rollout, and massage your back all you want, but this won't fix the root cause. Your back will never release the tension because it's doing everything it can to protect your spine since your core isn't.

This picture is from Paul Chek, you can find this info in his book " How to eat, move, and be healthy."

The core muscles have some main functions.

  1. to spare the spine from the excessive load,

  2. to transfer force from the lower body to the upper body

  3. to protect the spine.

Having a robust and stable core helps us prevent injuries and perform at our best.

When the small intestines, bowel, or any organ impulses inflammation, there may be some level of inhibition and possibly pain in the abdominal wall's corresponding region.

Top causes of inflammation in the gut.

1-Food Allergies

2- Bloating from processed foods

3-Fungal infection ( yeast, candida, etc.)

4- Parasite infection

5- Gas

The More inflammation you have in your digestive system, the higher the probability that your abdominal muscles won't reply to exercise!

The first step you can do to reduce the inflammation in your digestive system.

Have you ever ate certain foods that made you feel gassy? Or had lunch and realized you were too bloated to wear the pants you had on? These are simple signs of having an inflammation response after eating. 

Start taking notes on your phone or small diary of the reactions you get after eating. If you notice every time you eat bread, you get tired, bloated, and gassy write that down. Do this for a week, and you'll see which foods cause inflammation. You can then start to eliminate these foods out of your diet. 

I wanted to write the steps you have to take to fix your digestion, but ill rather have you do this instead. The first step to mastering your nutrition and body is getting intuitive with it. 

Is this magic?

As an athlete, I had physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength coaches try to help me with my back pain, but NOTHING worked. I came across this information after suffering from back pain my whole athletic career. At first, I didn't believe any of this research. When I was told to take the simple steps of documenting how I felt after eating, I was blown away. The first food I noticed that gave me MAJOR problems was gluten. I eliminated gluten for one week, and BOOM, my back pain disappeared! I asked myself, "Is this Magic."   

Today as a coach, anytime I get a client with tight hips, neck pain, and back pain, I look at if they have a bloated stomach. I then start giving them this same conversation I'm providing you. 

The first sign of inflammation In the digestive system.

The first sign of inflammation always shows up in your poop! What does your poop look like? This can give us answers to the causes of your inflammation. In my next blog, I will break down why your unnormal poop looks the way it does!

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